python开源项目排行榜 (07-30)

#python开源项目排行榜 (07-30)


1. tensorflow/tensorflow ♥️ 132k

An Open Source Machine Learning Framework for Everyone

2. robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh ♥️ 92.6k

🙃 A delightful community-driven (with 1,300+ contributors) framework for managing your zsh configuration. Includes 20…

3. CyC2018/CS-Notes ♥️ 72.7k

📚 Tech Interview Guide 技术面试必备基础知识、Leetcode 题解、Java、C++、Python、后端面试、操作系统、计算机网络、系统设计

4. vinta/awesome-python ♥️ 70.5k

A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources

5. donnemartin/system-design-primer ♥️ 69.9k

Learn how to design large-scale systems. Prep for the system design interview. Includes Anki flashcards.

6. justjavac/free-programming-books-zh_CN ♥️ 53k

📚 免费的计算机编程类中文书籍,欢迎投稿

7. TheAlgorithms/Python ♥️ 52.2k

All Algorithms implemented in Python

8. jackfrued/Python-100-Days ♥️ 51.9k

Python - 100天从新手到大师

9. pallets/flask ♥️ 45.6k

The Python micro framework for building web applications.

10. nvbn/thefuck ♥️ 45.1k

Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command.

11. django/django ♥️ 43k

The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

12. keras-team/keras ♥️ 43k

Deep Learning for humans

13. jakubroztocil/httpie ♥️ 42.5k

As easy as httpie /aitch-tee-tee-pie/ 🥧 Modern command line HTTP client – user-friendly curl alternative with intuiti…

14. psf/requests ♥️ 39.6k

Python HTTP Requests for Humans™ ✨🍰✨

15. ansible/ansible ♥️ 38.6k

Ansible is a radically simple IT automation platform that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy. Avoid…

16. scikit-learn/scikit-learn ♥️ 36.3k

scikit-learn: machine learning in Python

17. scrapy/scrapy ♥️ 33.8k

Scrapy, a fast high-level web crawling & scraping framework for Python.

18. aymericdamien/TensorFlow-Examples ♥️ 33k

TensorFlow Tutorial and Examples for Beginners (support TF v1 & v2)

19. pytorch/pytorch ♥️ 30.3k

Tensors and Dynamic neural networks in Python with strong GPU acceleration

20. blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload ♥️ 30.2k

File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bar, validation and preview images, audi…

21. ageitgey/face_recognition ♥️ 25.9k

The world’s simplest facial recognition api for Python and the command line

22. python/cpython ♥️ 25.7k

The Python programming language

23. home-assistant/home-assistant ♥️ 25.5k

🏡 Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first

24. certbot/certbot ♥️ 25.4k

Certbot is EFF’s tool to obtain certs from Let’s Encrypt and (optionally) auto-enable HTTPS on your server. It can al…

25. imhuay/Algorithm_Interview_Notes-Chinese ♥️ 25.2k

2018/2019/校招/春招/秋招/算法/机器学习(Machine Learning)/深度学习(Deep Learning)/自然语言处理(NLP)/C/C++/Python/面试笔记

26. Avik-Jain/100-Days-Of-ML-Code ♥️ 24.6k

100 Days of ML Coding

27. tuvtran/project-based-learning ♥️ 22.8k

Curated list of project-based tutorials

28. apache/spark ♥️ 22.8k

Apache Spark

29. grpc/grpc ♥️ 22.3k

The C based gRPC (C++, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, PHP, C#)

30. faif/python-patterns ♥️ 21.5k

A collection of design patterns/idioms in Python

71. celery/celery ♥️ 13.1k

Distributed Task Queue (development branch)

72. machinelearningmindset/TensorFlow-Course ♥️ 12.8k

Simple and ready-to-use tutorials for TensorFlow

73. trekhleb/homemade-machine-learning ♥️ 12.7k

🤖 Python examples of popular machine learning algorithms with interactive Jupyter demos and math being explained

74. MLEveryday/100-Days-Of-ML-Code ♥️ 12.6k


75. google/flatbuffers ♥️ 12.6k

FlatBuffers: Memory Efficient Serialization Library

76. huge-success/sanic ♥️ 12.5k

Async Python 3.6+ web server/framework Build fast. Run fast.

77. norvig/pytudes ♥️ 12.3k

Python programs to practice or demonstrate skills.

78. cool-RR/PySnooper ♥️ 12.3k

Never use print for debugging again

79. geekcomputers/Python ♥️ 12k

My Python Examples

80. spotify/luigi ♥️ 12k

Luigi is a Python module that helps you build complex pipelines of batch jobs. It handles dependency resolution, work…

81. 3b1b/manim ♥️ 11.7k

Animation engine for explanatory math videos

82. psf/black ♥️ 11.7k

The uncompromising Python code formatter

83. ccxt/ccxt ♥️ 11.6k

A JavaScript / Python / PHP cryptocurrency trading API with support for more than 120 bitcoin/altcoin exchanges

84. fabric/fabric ♥️ 11.5k

Simple, Pythonic remote execution and deployment.

85. virgili0/Virgilio ♥️ 11.5k

Your new Mentor for Data Science E-Learning.

86. numpy/numpy ♥️ 11.3k

The fundamental package for scientific computing with Python.

87. dennybritz/reinforcement-learning ♥️ 11.1k

Implementation of Reinforcement Learning Algorithms. Python, OpenAI Gym, Tensorflow. Exercises and Solutions to accom…

88. bokeh/bokeh ♥️ 11.1k

Interactive Data Visualization in the browser, from Python

89. eclipse/deeplearning4j ♥️ 11k

Eclipse Deeplearning4j, ND4J, DataVec and more - deep learning & linear algebra for Java/Scala with GPUs + Spark

90. tqdm/tqdm ♥️ 11k

A Fast, Extensible Progress Bar for Python and CLI

91. fighting41love/funNLP ♥️ 10.9k

字符数据、speech-aligner: 从“人声语音”及其“语言文本”产生音素级别时间对齐标注的工具、AmpliGraph: 知识图谱表示学习(Python)库:知识图谱概念链接预测、Scattertext 文本可视化(python)…

92. d2l-ai/d2l-zh ♥️ 10.7k

《动手学深度学习》:面向中文读者、能运行、可讨论。英文版即伯克利“深度学习导论(STAT 157)”教材。

93. powerline/powerline ♥️ 10.6k

Powerline is a statusline plugin for vim, and provides statuslines and prompts for several other applications, includ…

94. locustio/locust ♥️ 10.6k

Scalable user load testing tool written in Python

95. dianping/cat ♥️ 10.6k

CAT 作为服务端项目基础组件,提供了 Java, C/C++, Node.js, Python, Go 等多语言客户端,已经在美团点评的基础架构中间件框架(MVC框架,RPC框架,数据库框架,缓存框架等,消息队列,配置系统等)深度集…

96. apachecn/awesome-algorithm ♥️ 10.5k


97. taizilongxu/interview_python ♥️ 10.4k


98. zulip/zulip ♥️ 10.2k

Zulip server - powerful open source team chat

99. saltstack/salt ♥️ 10.1k

Software to automate the management and configuration of any infrastructure or application at scale. Get access to th…

100. rasbt/python-machine-learning-book ♥️ 10k

The “Python Machine Learning (1st edition)” book code repository and info resource