Java开源项目排行榜 (07-30)

#Java开源项目排行榜 (07-30)


11. square/retrofit ♥️ 33.2k

Type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java by Square, Inc.

12. google/guava ♥️ 32.9k

Google core libraries for Java

13. blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload ♥️ 30.2k

File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bar, validation and preview images, audi…

14. apache/dubbo ♥️ 28.2k

Apache Dubbo is a high-performance, java based, open source RPC framework.

15. PhilJay/MPAndroidChart ♥️ 28k

A powerful 🚀 Android chart view / graph view library, supporting line- bar- pie- radar- bubble- and candlestick chart…

16. doocs/advanced-java ♥️ 26.9k

😮 互联网 Java 工程师进阶知识完全扫盲:涵盖高并发、分布式、高可用、微服务等领域知识,后端同学必看,前端同学也可学习

17. ryanmcdermott/clean-code-javascript ♥️ 25k

🛁 Clean Code concepts adapted for JavaScript

18. square/leakcanary ♥️ 23.3k

LeakCanary is a memory leak detection library for Android.

19. zxing/zxing ♥️ 23.2k

ZXing (“Zebra Crossing”) barcode scanning library for Java, Android

20. apache/spark ♥️ 22.8k

Apache Spark

21. crossoverJie/JCSprout ♥️ 21.7k

👨‍🎓 Java Core Sprout : basic, concurrent, algorithm

22. akullpp/awesome-java ♥️ 21.6k

A curated list of awesome frameworks, libraries and software for the Java programming language.

23. greenrobot/EventBus ♥️ 21.3k

Event bus for Android and Java that simplifies communication between Activities, Fragments, Threads, Services, etc. L…

24. skylot/jadx ♥️ 19.4k

Dex to Java decompiler

25. geekcompany/ResumeSample ♥️ 18.8k

Resume template for Chinese programmers . 程序员简历模板系列。包括PHP程序员简历模板、iOS程序员简历模板、Android程序员简历模板、Web前端程序员简历模板、Java程序员简历模板、C…

26. macrozheng/mall ♥️ 18.8k

mall项目是一套电商系统,包括前台商城系统及后台管理系统,基于SpringBoot+MyBatis实现。 前台商城系统包含首页门户、商品推荐、商品搜索、商品展示、购物车、订单流程、会员中心、客户服务、帮助中心等模块。 后台管理系统包…

27. alibaba/fastjson ♥️ 18.7k

🚄 A fast JSON parser/generator for Java. (Aliyun Data Lake Analytics …

28. sorrycc/awesome-javascript ♥️ 18.3k

🐢 A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things.

29. ityouknow/spring-boot-examples ♥️ 17.5k

about learning Spring Boot via examples. Spring Boot 教程、技术栈示例代码,快速简单上手教程。

30. alibaba/p3c ♥️ 17.2k

Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines pmd implements and IDE plugin

31. dmlc/xgboost ♥️ 16.8k

Scalable, Portable and Distributed Gradient Boosting (GBDT, GBRT or GBM) Library, for Python, R, Java, Scala, C++ and…

32. microsoft/CNTK ♥️ 16.3k

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK), an open source deep-learning toolkit

33. google/gson ♥️ 16.1k

A Java serialization/deserialization library to convert Java Objects into JSON and back

34. TheAlgorithms/Java ♥️ 16k

All Algorithms implemented in Java

35. libgdx/libgdx ♥️ 15.7k

Desktop/Android/HTML5/iOS Java game development framework

36. SeleniumHQ/selenium ♥️ 15.1k

A browser automation framework and ecosystem.

37. alibaba/arthas ♥️ 15k

Alibaba Java Diagnostic Tool Arthas/Alibaba Java诊断利器Arthas

38. jhipster/generator-jhipster ♥️ 14.3k

Open Source application generator for creating Spring Boot + Angular/React projects in seconds!

39. android10/Android-CleanArchitecture ♥️ 13.7k

This is a sample app that is part of a series of blog posts I have written about how to architect an android applicat…

40. google/ExoPlayer ♥️ 13.6k

An extensible media player for Android

41. jenkinsci/jenkins ♥️ 13.5k

Jenkins automation server

42. judasn/IntelliJ-IDEA-Tutorial ♥️ 12.9k

IntelliJ IDEA 简体中文专题教程

43. google/flatbuffers ♥️ 12.6k

FlatBuffers: Memory Efficient Serialization Library

44. marcuswestin/WebViewJavascriptBridge ♥️ 12.6k

An iOS/OSX bridge for sending messages between Obj-C and JavaScript in UIWebViews/WebViews

45. b3log/symphony ♥️ 12.2k

🎶 一款用 Java 实现的现代化社区(论坛/BBS/社交网络/博客)平台。

46. you-dont-need/You-Dont-Need-JavaScript ♥️ 12.1k

CSS is powerful, you can do a lot of things without JS.

47. winterbe/java8-tutorial ♥️ 12k

Modern Java - A Guide to Java 8

48. francistao/LearningNotes ♥️ 11.5k

Enjoy Learning.

49. orhanobut/logger ♥️ 11.5k

✔️ Simple, pretty and powerful logger for android

50. mybatis/mybatis-3 ♥️ 11.4k

MyBatis SQL mapper framework for Java

51. playframework/playframework ♥️ 11.2k

Play Framework

52. jobbole/awesome-java-cn ♥️ 11.1k


53. eclipse/deeplearning4j ♥️ 11k

Eclipse Deeplearning4j, ND4J, DataVec and more - deep learning & linear algebra for Java/Scala with GPUs + Spark

54. androidannotations/androidannotations ♥️ 10.9k

Fast Android Development. Easy maintainance.

55. wesbos/JavaScript30 ♥️ 10.8k

30 Day Vanilla JS Challenge

56. lydiahallie/javascript-questions ♥️ 10.7k

A long list of (advanced) JavaScript questions, and their explanations ✨ Updated weekly!

57. brettwooldridge/HikariCP ♥️ 10.6k

光 HikariCP・A solid, high-performance, JDBC connection pool at last.

58. realm/realm-java ♥️ 10.6k

Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite & ORMs

59. dianping/cat ♥️ 10.6k

CAT 作为服务端项目基础组件,提供了 Java, C/C++, Node.js, Python, Go 等多语言客户端,已经在美团点评的基础架构中间件框架(MVC框架,RPC框架,数据库框架,缓存框架等,消息队列,配置系统等)深度集…

60. mikepenz/MaterialDrawer ♥️ 10.5k

The flexible, easy to use, all in one drawer library for your Android project. Now brand new with material 2 design.

61. Konloch/bytecode-viewer ♥️ 10.4k

A Java 8+ Jar & Android APK Reverse Engineering Suite (Decompiler, Editor, Debugger & More)

62. elastic/logstash ♥️ 10.4k

Logstash - transport and process your logs, events, or other data

63. facebook/infer ♥️ 10k

A static analyzer for Java, C, C++, and Objective-C

64. redisson/redisson ♥️ 10k

Redisson - Redis Java client with features of In-Memory Data Grid. Supports over 30 objects and services: Set, Multim…

65. eclipse-vertx/vert.x ♥️ 10k

Vert.x is a tool-kit for building reactive applications on the JVM

66. dbeaver/dbeaver ♥️ 9.8k

Free universal database tool and SQL client

67. oracle/graal ♥️ 9.8k

GraalVM: Run Programs Faster Anywhere 🚀

Apache Flink

69. Tamsiree/RxTool ♥️ 9.6k

Android开发人员不得不收集的工具类集合 支付宝支付 微信支付(统一下单) 微信分享 Zip4j压缩(支持分卷压缩与加密) 一键集成UCrop选择圆形头像 一键集成二维码和条形码的扫描与生成 常用Dia…

70. google/libphonenumber ♥️ 9.5k

Google’s common Java, C++ and JavaScript library for parsing, formatting, and validating international phone numbers.

71. prestodb/presto ♥️ 9.4k

The official home of the Presto distributed SQL query engine for big data

72. wasabeef/recyclerview-animators ♥️ 9.4k

An Android Animation library which easily add itemanimator to RecyclerView items.

73. xuxueli/xxl-job ♥️ 9.2k

A lightweight distributed task scheduling framework.(分布式任务调度平台XXL-JOB)

74. permissions-dispatcher/PermissionsDispatcher ♥️ 9.2k

Simple annotation-based API to handle runtime permissions.

75. mockito/mockito ♥️ 9.1k

Most popular Mocking framework for unit tests written in Java

76. b3log/solo ♥️ 9.1k

🎸 一款小而美的博客系统,专为程序员设计。

77. naver/pinpoint ♥️ 9.1k

APM, (Application Performance Management) tool for large-scale distributed systems written in Java.

78. Yalantis/uCrop ♥️ 9k

Image Cropping Library for Android

79. shichuan/javascript-patterns ♥️ 8.8k

JavaScript Patterns

80. perwendel/spark ♥️ 8.4k

A simple expressive web framework for java. News: Spark now has a kotlin DSL

81. xetorthio/jedis ♥️ 8.4k

A blazingly small and sane redis java client

82. google/guice ♥️ 8.3k

Guice (pronounced ‘juice’) is a lightweight dependency injection framework for Java 6 and above, brought to you by Go…

83. roughike/BottomBar ♥️ 8.3k

(Deprecated) A custom view component that mimics the new Material Design Bottom Navigation pattern.

84. code4craft/webmagic ♥️ 8.2k

A scalable web crawler framework for Java.

85. rzwitserloot/lombok ♥️ 8.1k

Very spicy additions to the Java programming language.

86. google/tink ♥️ 8.1k

Tink is a multi-language, cross-platform, open source library that provides cryptographic APIs that are secure, easy …

87. ray-project/ray ♥️ 8.1k

A fast and simple framework for building and running distributed applications.

88. florent37/MaterialViewPager ♥️ 8k

A Material Design ViewPager easy to use library

89. alibaba/Sentinel ♥️ 8k

A lightweight powerful flow control component enabling reliability and monitoring for microservices. (轻量级的流量控制、熔断降级 Java

90. google/auto ♥️ 8k

A collection of source code generators for Java.

91. wasabeef/glide-transformations ♥️ 8k

An Android transformation library providing a variety of image transformations for Glide.

92. alibaba/easyexcel ♥️ 7.7k


93. docker/labs ♥️ 7.7k

This is a collection of tutorials for learning how to use Docker with various tools. Contributions welcome.

94. open-android/Android ♥️ 7.6k


95. junit-team/junit4 ♥️ 7.5k

A programmer-oriented testing framework for Java.

96. KotlinBy/awesome-kotlin ♥️ 7.5k

A curated list of awesome Kotlin related stuff Inspired by awesome-java.

97. codecentric/spring-boot-admin ♥️ 7.5k

Admin UI for administration of spring boot applications

98. medcl/elasticsearch-analysis-ik ♥️ 7.5k

The IK Analysis plugin integrates Lucene IK analyzer into elasticsearch, support customized dictionary.

99. halo-dev/halo ♥️ 7.3k

✍ Halo 一款现代化的个人独立博客系统

100. dropwizard/dropwizard ♥️ 7.3k

A damn simple library for building production-ready RESTful web services.